Customer Solutions

Starting with our customers is core to our culture. We are at our best when we truly understand their needs and provide solutions that keep them working, protect their people, and save them time and money.


Grainger provides customers with the products they need to keep their businesses running. We work to create a more sustainable workplace for our customers and our communities through our Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) portfolio and sustainability offerings.

Our EPP portfolio of nearly 100,000 products comprises one of the largest green SKU counts in the industrial distribution market, providing more ways for our customers to reduce energy consumption, conserve water, reduce waste and improve indoor air quality.

Products in our EPP portfolio are designated by a green leaf on Grainger.com®, and fall into two categories—those certified by independent organizations and those that have “green environmental attributes.” A certification acts as a stamp of approval that a product has met certain environmental standards such as energy efficiency (ENERGY STAR®) or low toxicity (Green Seal®). Attributes are environmental qualities or features tied to a specific product. We ask our suppliers to provide these attributes or certifications, and our external partner, UL LLC (formerly Underwriters Laboratories), verifies the viability of the description of the product.

In 2021, EPP sales totaled more than $875 million, a 23 percent increase from 2020. Program growth is driven by increased customer demand for EPP products, as well as updates to the information we share about products and how those products can help customers with their sustainability goals.

Grainger has offered a portfolio of sustainability-related services since 2015. We work with our network of partners to provide a range of sustainability services including site audits, payback analysis, utility rebate assistance, and recycling of replaced product.